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For over 30 years J. D. Carter Interior Design has been serving West Texas. We have worked on a broad range of residential and commercial projects in Midland and Odessa. On each project we help our clients make sound decisions based on solid design principles and our almost limitless resources. Our many repeat clients are a testimony to our ability to communicate and listen to their needs, implementing a tailor-made space.

Remodeling and Home Design

<center>Design Philosophy</center>

Design Philosophy

As an interior designer It is my goal to meet the needs of our clients within a reasonable budget achieving the desired aesthetic. It is important to understand the culture of each family in a residential project or each company in a commercial one. As a registered interior designer, I have taken multiple required classes keeping abreast of new developments concerning sustainable design, aging in place, and universal design. Great design reaches beyond the beautiful to the practical, the safe and the healthy.

<center>A Personalized Design Experience</center>

A Personalized Design Experience

At our interior design firm, we know that everyone has different tastes and preferences. It is important that your space fits your personality and meets your needs. With this is mind, we work to provide you with a totally customized design by asking detailed questions about your project. We are here to help our clients with everything from small but impressive design changes like furniture and window treatments, to a complete remodeling of a room or home.

Creating Custom Products

We sometimes can't locate the perfect piece to complement a project or to meet a specific need and it becomes necessary to create a custom design, or adapt an existing design. A good example would be what we call C. O. M. (Customers Own Material) this means that we we can select a particular fabric from one source and have it applied to a piece of upholstery from another source. This option enables us to be very specific in our color or fabric selection perfecting and personalizing the design. Taking adaption a step further, many upholstery vendors offer options to change leg and arm styles, many finish options, and even adjusting dimensions to fit a specific space or particular body sizes creating an ergonomically correct chair assuring maximum comfort.

If adaptation cannot fill the specific need then creating a custom product is the next option, starting at the drawing board with client interaction turning a dream into reality.

The Design Process

Of course the design process varies depending on the scope of the project. There is a general but flexible order in the decision making process.

I'm going to illustrate the process as though it were new construction. Every project starts with a client discussion what are there goals, what are their needs, what style do they respond to, what are there favorite colors. If plans are available we check to see if there need to be any adjustments to accommodate existing furniture sizes, lighting and electrical outlets

The next range of questions deals with what possessions need to be incorporated into the design, what needs to be refurbished or adapted. We lay out a floor plan to use existing pieces of furniture, specifying built-ins, and deciding what future purchases are necessary. With this collection of information we begin to collect flooring samples, tile, carpet, wood.

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